Developing Online Businesses in web 3.0

When SVRGE first began (née Kordspace), it was all about making websites affordable for small business owners. We are still committed to that cause — but have shifted our focus future forward into Web 3.0.

We Are A ...

Development Agency

We offer a variety of services to make your tech ecosystem easy to use so that your business can focus on success.


Our vision for the neighborhood is to grow the community at the intersection of tech and art in the Mile High City.

Tech Accelerator

We offer a tech mentorship program for businesses who want to break into Web 3.0. Are you ready for the future?

The SVRGE Mission is to bring together life-long learners to make the dreams of entrepreneurs possible.

Our Tech Stack

We know the most desirable stack is Maya, Aframe, Cinema 4D, and Unity. We also love Google Firebase managed services (FERN). For us, the ideal stack takes advantage of Google’s G Suite Business Systems to run marketing on a native label with Google’s assistive app cluster.

Upgrade from Microsoft and go 3.0!

The Kordspace Team

Marco Lopes

CEO & Founder

Jay Morales

Unreal Game Developer

Olivia Randolph

UI / UX Designer

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