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Kordspace and Pondata provide design and data engineering services to businesses expanding their operations by means of Applications, Automation and the Cloud. After reviewing a business, we create a road map for the development of key functions that deliver immediate value while boosting revenue. Afterwards, we offer continuous support in scaling the systems so you can feel confident investing in your next big project.

Marco Lopes

[Proposal Name] Proposal Overview

Application Requirements

Scale Your Film & Events Scheduling Model With A Platform
Serverless Cloud App Environment
GCP, Firebase, WordPress, Twilio & SendGrid
Event Management Using G-Suites
CSV, Excel, Google Sheets, App Script, Firestore​
Applicant Event Token Platform
Flutter, Dart, Google Auth, BTC & Rest CDN Video

Initial Project Details

These were some of our findings from our initial interactions...

Using an automated scripting process in Google App Script, JavaScript ES5 we can provide the ability to audit platform functions in record time. Although, these systems will not be interfaces until the project scales and has available resources, we intend to outfit Google Sheets CSV files for you to directly interact with the database in a familiar way, should you need to at anytime, for any reason.

From these sheets we can reliably manage & visualize submissions, send emails using your Gmail accounts, create external process related Google Forms to populate user data,  populate data available inside other platforms via API calls, set token value against the USD, manage conditions for when tokens can be rewarded, and pull reports on revenue and other financials to be visualized in Google Data Studio.

These systems can be assembled by anyone who is qualified and familiar with JavaScript. They are assembled with kits that are standardized across the development space, and are not patent-able or unique code but certified by Google.


As Film Festival Circuit grows, it’s app will be vital in competing against other festivals. These systems will be developed in our latest Frameworks for native devices in a single code base: Flutter, Dart & Firebase. These systems are Google maintained and able to compile across all device types on a native level and will feature bleeding edge tech capability for IoT & chip attendance tracking systems.

The token platform will enable applicants to review and rank other videos for festivals occurring across the country. By having users input their feedback they are rewarded with tokens they can use for purchasing boosts for their own submissions rankings.

We prioritize entries from people who are genuinely interested in reviewing and acknowledging other films, this means one token for down-votes, 3 tokens for up-votes. From here we can issue awards & badges to the films that are most up-voted or most community involved. We can also set up notification relays & emails along with push notifications to be able to notify people on all the latest scheduled events.


The Powerful 3 Pronged Approach To App Development

It is an industry standard to plan and concept your application in advance so systems can be properly designed and architected in order to have a streamlined development phase. By establishing core features and functions early on in development, we can focus on ensuring these functions are intuitive to the user and establish a clear scope and timeline for your application project.


    Virtual Machines, & Application Dev-Ops


      Cross Platform Web Application Interfaces​


        Email Notifications & SMS Text Alert Delivery


          Layer 2 Bitcoin Processing & Tokenizing


            Serverless Database & Machine Learning


              Manage Payments & General Content


                Design Conversational Interfaces

                GOOGLE SHEETS

                  Script & Automate Spreadsheet Functions

                  Our Frameworks Support Diverse Business Needs

                  Learn How Customizing & Simplifying Your Systems Is Easier With Google...
                  Sales & Customer Service
                  Financials & Collections
                  Project Management Terminals
                  Legal & Human Resources
                  Learning Management Systems
                  Logistics & Transit Management
                  Marketing & Public Relations
                  Business Intelligence

                  Monetization Summary

                  We've taken the time to identify the opportunities that await you while using our open-source application frameworks...
                  • Automate hours of work spent data entering by populating event information from other sources via APIs & Google App Script. Have calendar invites sent to users through Gmail from within your spreadsheets. Sign people up to SendGrid email templates and advocate the events to your groups as segmented personalized campaign lists. 

                  • Use push notifications to bring people back to the app to review new film submissions as they are posted. Gain analytics data on how many people open emails, SMS or push notifications through Google Firebase & Google Data Studio. Use your data to run consistent marketing schedules for each year and the locations you would like all in an intuitive Twilio interface.
                  • Build a strong digital ecosystem for your participants to be rewarded for doing favorable tasks within the application. Sell token packages into the ecosystem to be used to increase visibility and rank of posts, pay fees for submissions, and get minor pay outs for contributing to the voting circles for events on the schedule.
                  • Digitally engage your community by ‘gamify-ing’ film ranking inside the Film Festival Circuit app. Develop coordinated event scheduling propositions to make planning the events easier. Include film credits in the platform to allow people do vote interest towards locations and planned areas in advanced using simple polls in app along with and short form surveys.


                  Visualize rate matrices & benchmarks and enable shippers to get capacity commitments

                  Our first objective will be to define the exact styling and format in which content will display to users. We use a mobile first approach to screen our apps, and use standard expanded dashboards to format desktop & tablet versions of the app.

                  We will aim to deliver 15 screens or more for use in FFC platform development. We call this process production screening. It is a time conservative approach that allows us to easily modify and draft a spec document criteria for how the app will look. Our objective will be to accomplish the production screening of the app within the first month. We will have weekly reviews to gain feedback on the look of the systems.

                  These screened assets have a value since they allow you to explain to app developers the type of system that will need to be incorporated into a customized database in NoSQL. We take pride in our clean data labeling standards and documentation generation for techniical purposes.


                  The primary objective will be to ensure the systems are built properly from the start. The technical documents from the previous stage will be passed over to our development group. The project will have version control hosted on GitLab as a private project.

                  Our second objective will be to procure a group of packages assembled for flutter, and begin stylizing the packages to match the designs, while adding additional functionality to the app as we go, where it is convenient and necessary. The screens will be used as a general guide but we aim to surpass the generalizations of the spec document with case specific functionality which may very on device types.

                  From here we will architect the database to match the UI and enrich the widget features found on various pages. These will include video lists and swipe level functionality for reviewing films on the go. All video will be uploaded in MP4 format as is standard. We will use a REST CDN to ensure the data is stored at a low cost.


                  How will we accomplish the development of this film application & ranking platform?
                  • DESIGN & CODE PLATFORM: We will have a team consisting of a Senior Designer and a Junior Designer working towards refining screen designs before our weekly presentations. The strategy here is to use these screens to properly format, segment, & query relevant data that needs to display inside the user interface. Having designs assembled will serve as a blueprint to our app developers and builders. By providing these within the first month we will have time to review and finalize before scheduling development of the project.
                  • TECHNICAL DOCUMENT FORMATION: For Film Festival Circuit we will assemble a set of technical documentation to be coupled with the screen designs so they can be delivered to the development core. The technical documents can be edited by our team and compile throughout the first month of the project. Afterwards all assets will be assembled in a folder and shared with you. The technical documents will detail features and functionality required for all aspects of the application for client event film / video ranking, rewards, & surveys.
                    • INITIALIZATION & INTERFACE STYLING: Our first steps will be to develop the interface styling to represent data which will be stored in our NoSQL database.  From the screens we will extrapolate the needed collections to achieve the shape and functionality needed for our dynamic widgets, this will include sign up forms for users, video submission forms, tables and cards for re-displaying user titles, descriptions and cumulative ranking point data, among many other attributes. 
                    • DATABASE COLLECTIONS & API DATA FLOW HOOK UP: From here we will need to optimize database collections, and bring in any additional data from Google Calendars, Forms for event bookings & external business communications, to allow the app to be dynamically update via Google Spreadsheets, as well as sending email notifications using the Gmail relays. 


                    We Have A Road Map For Creating An Ideal Solution...
                    I. DESIGN: 15 EVENT APPLICANT UI PROD


                    1. Profiles: Users will be able to fill out their profiles which will include their their name, their film production house, their bio, and other personal information & billing information.
                    2. Dashboard: Users will be able to see at a glimpse features about Film Festival Circuit platform updates for when films are leading for their event location by popular vote and by editorial choice.
                    3. Submissions: Users will see their submitted films and also be able to manage a basic film library for upload from their phones, laptops, and tablets, as an MP4 file which will be compressed and stored in our REST CDN Storage Container.
                    4. Events: Users will see upcoming events and submit their films to the event, submissions view will update with the status of each paired film and location, users will be able to share to Facebook that they are going or interested, using Facebook API.
                    5. Locations: Users will have the ability to suggest locations, and be able to fill out suggestion forms & leads to be orchestrated and collected into mailing lists for those leads to be introduced to Film Festival Circuit using email templates.
                    6. Wallet: Users will be able to buy platform tokens and use BTC Lightning Network in Flutter to micro-transact and boost their rank for a film location, or to Withdraw USD or use tokens to pay for their submission fees to submit to each event. We can accept Credit & Debit & Bitcoin for platform ‘Circuit Credits’.
                    7. Critique: Users will be able to review and rank other films for various events displayed in multiple ways: (1) A map of event locations where you can choose events and watch films hosted in Firebase, (2) A sort-able filter list that shows recent, by location in proximity, and by word match search.
                    8. Film Details: Review a film posted by someone to their submissions library that’s been arrived at from a Critique search, or has been shared from a referral link to be reviewed.
                    9. Support: Submit requests & tickets for any technical issues or suggestions for us, manage status of support ticket in app, get push banner notifications when responses are posted.
                    10. Settings: Manage app notification and other important settings for allowing access to images, contact, sharing, privacy, etc..


                    1. Finalize written spec for development of Film Festival Circuit features and functions. Average document size is 20 – 30 pages.
                    2. Concept out database architecture focused on efficient querying and affordable data management.
                    3. Review and prepare brand guidelines for all visuals.
                    4. Build spreadsheet templates and data pipeline to the Film Festival Circuit Application.
                    • Architect, secure, and launch a serverless NoSQL cloud database (Cloud Firestore + Firebase) that will manage all of the data across the platform including user profiles, tables & matrices, and active load & lane statuses.
                    • Initialize User Authentication and Authorization where users can sign in to the FIlm Festival Circuit platform with either an established Google account or sign up with a custom email and password while requiring agreeing to the Film Festival Circuit Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions. 
                    • Build out Profile functionality for applicant user types, film production house manager roles, etc… and sync business details and contact information to the Film Festival Circuit database through forms on the User Profile.
                    • Develop an automated data pipeline between a structured Google Sheets (Excel / CSV compatible) event scheduling workflows and the cloud database underlying the Applicant Platform web application. 
                    • Set up automated database queries and data flows inside the Film Festival Circuit web application that gives users the ability to dynamically edit and manage their submissions & token wallets.  
                    • Structure functional buttons and icons that allow for a variety of posting & sharing features to Facebook API & Google App Cluster API.  
                    • On-board an initial test group of applicants and run real-world data through the platform while giving users the opportunity to give valuable feedback about any non-optimal experiences in the platform. 
                    • Collect, digest & apply user feedback by immediately debugging any issues found in the platform and refine user flows and restructure specific user interfaces if necessary. 
                    • Visualize application statistics and user metrics in an administrator dashboard and after successfully launching a stable Film Festival Circuit platform with core functionality lay out scope and development timeline for future phases of the project.


                    We Deliver Your Assets Monthly To A Project Repository Via Google Drive...
                    Design Systems

                    October 2019

                    Code Application

                    November – December 2019

                    Testing & Training

                    January 2020

                    I. MONTH 1 | DESIGN: OCTOBER 2019 - 100 HRS

                    Tools: Adobe Creative Suite & Sketch 3
                    • Branding for the Web Using Current Outlines (10hrs)
                    • 10 Page Complete Layout 2 Touch Review: Home, About, Submissions, Festivals, Tokens Account, Review Films, Contact, & Other User Flows (40hrs)
                    • Design Web Layout Adjustments & Feedback (10hrs)
                    • Technical Document Formation & Writing (20hrs)
                    • Setting CMS Dynamic Sheets, Firestore Back Ups, Proposal Google Sites Templates & Automated Mail List Funnels, Google Data Studio, Twilio SMS, Send Grid Email Templates (20hrs)
                      II. MONTH 2 | CODE: NOVEMBER 2019 - 80 HRS

                      Languages: Flutter, Dart, Firebase, NoSQL, JavaScript
                      • Navigation, Route Guards & Flows – Dynamic Data For Views (20hrs)
                      • User Dashboards: Content Delivery For Loading Videos To Firestore, Survey’s For Ratings, Token Systems BTC Lightning Network (40hrs)
                      • Database Collections & NoSQL Segmenting For Data To Query Efficiently (20hrs)
                        III. MONTH 3 | CODE: DECEMBER 2019 - 80 HRS

                        Languages: Flutter, Dart, Firebase, NoSQL, JavaScript
                        • Database Collections Optimizations (10hrs)
                        • Google Application Scripting for Clustered App Automation Between Sheets, Forms, Gmail, Data Studio, Lens, Sites, Docs, Slides, Etc.. (30hrs)
                        • PayPal / Stripe / Etc: Payment Integrations API – Achievement System & Badges For Film Festivals, Redeem Tokens @ Events (30hrs)
                        • Post Production Encryption / Security & Database Permissions Audits – Token System Checks & App Rewards (10hrs)
                          IV. MONTH 4 | TEST: JANUARY 2020 - 60 HRS Tools: Google Cloud Platform
                          • Optimize Image Content & Database Collections With React Hooks & CDN (10hrs)
                          • Optimize Code For Tablets & Phones, Structured Data, SEO (20hrs)
                          • SSL Certificates & Server Hosting Security in Google Firebase Firestore (10hrs)
                          • Test scalable API calls for siloed user account widgets (10hrs)
                          • Create loom videos for training account managers on application sales processes SOP and general documentations (10hrs)
                            Total Project Hours

                            320 HRS @ $59 / HR

                            Our Multifaceted Team

                            Together We Build Modern Solutions To Age Old Problems...
                            Marco Lopes
                            Justin Oberg
                            Katie Dawe
                            Vatt Saycocie
                            Network Engineer
                            Rafael Hauxley
                            Blockchain IoT
                            Davis Kessler
                            Scripting & Development

                            The Results

                            Our Relevant Portfolio Of Live Application Ecosystems

                              Memory Database: Token Economy


                                Lawyer - Client Scheduling: Schedule & Chat

                                FLASHRATE & XYO

                                  Hardware: Bluetooth & Raspberry Pis

                                  Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

                                  We Build Customized Solutions Inspired By Real World Problems...

                                  Nedu Nweze

                                  Defense Attorney


                                  Marco and his team have helped me visualize the ideal application to fit my envisioned business model. They have been very easy to work with and are on top of communicating and showcasing their weekly accomplishments. Our app has a marketing website & a modern web 3.0 app for lawyers & their clients to share their case needs.


                                  Marco has made an automated chat system for us that will help us to better service our future customers. Our goal is to bring people into recording video of their opinions. Marco is currently developing an app that allows video of memories and doesn’t resort to advertising, instead utilizes tokens to get passive income on some of the posting public functions.

                                  Chris Baldwin

                                  Design & Consulting


                                  There Comes A Time When Every Business Is Challenged By The Market To Produce An Innovative Solution...
                                  Phase 1 - DESIGN - $5,000 USD

                                  In the first phase will be one month long, where we will focus our time and energy into detailing specific elements of the app with you on weekly calls. You will be able to watch work and progress in live time via our #SLACK channel. We will product up to 15 screens to document the functionality of the app and it’s specific user flows. We will then provide these documents to our developers at the end of the first month.

                                  Phase 2 - CODE - $12,000 USd

                                  This second phase will consist of 2 months of in-depth development to provide a quality application focused on applicant video submission uploads, profiles & automated office solutions, using modern cutting edge open-source development frameworks. The first month will be dedicated to UI development allowing users to edit their data within the platform. The second month will be dedicated to optimizations for database collections & as well as external sharing functionality and notification systems, that allow users to create relationships and habits associated to community valued activity.

                                  Phase 3 - TEST - $1,800 USD

                                  We will take approximately 15 - 30 days to Q/A check the application for stability at scale as well as finalize mobile friendly solutions for the interfaces. Testing will allow any additional feedback and extra side features that are mentioned to be patched into the project as valuable additions and refinements. This will also involve some set up for email relay configurations for dispatching platform notifications.

                                  Total Development Cost

                                  $ 18,800 USD


                                  Project management will be led by Marco Lopes, your Solutions Engineer and Lead Software Developer. (503) 939-5853 /

                                  A regular project alignment call schedule will be established and calendar invites will be provided with video conferencing links each week. We also allow our customers to partake in our internal project #SLACK channel, allowing you to provide consistent direction and feedback on the projects we develop together.

                                  Project resources are stored in a Repository folder inside Google Drive. We share these permissions with team members who access them to update project progress. Usually files are batched and updated as we approach each milestone monthly check in date, but requests for files can be made, and will be directed to the project drive we start on day one.

                                  Yes, a stable version of your application will be pushed each week to a live web domain accessible by a desktop or mobile device. From there you can review and provide feedback in task list form or casually through the #SLACK as desired.

                                  Payments for application development are broken up over the course of the project and are paid monthly through PayPal. Continuous support beyond project scope is available at our hourly rates. See our detailed pricing sheet here, password: kustomer

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