Welcome to the Next Generation of Gaming

In a world consumed by 3D technology and virtual reality, you need a game development agency that’s one step ahead. Welcome to our game agency – your top-notch partner for 3D game development and breathtaking video game creations. We redefine what’s possible.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Gaming

Welcome to the Next Generation of Gaming

Our Innovative Services Include ...

  • 3D Video Production

    Elevate your brand with high-quality 3D videos. We transform your ideas into captivating 3D experiences, utilizing the power of Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects.

  • Unreal Video Games

    Harnessing the cutting-edge capabilities of Unreal Engine 5, we craft interactive and immersive video games to offer unparalleled gaming experiences.

  • Tutorial Videos

    Our tutorial videos break down complex subjects and ideas into easy-to-understand content. Embrace learning made easy!

We Are Innovators on a Mission to Amaze

Who We Are

SVRGE is the in-house development agency in the collaborative workspace Kordspace, built upon a decentralized membership model.


Harnessing the limitless power of 3D technology, we enhance, innovate, and revolutionize the dreams of daring entrepreneurs.


We offer comprehensive game and app creation services - from concept to launch. We take immense pride in personalized and attentive service.

OUR Development Packages



Our introductory package to brings your game idea to life with the creation of a pitch-ready prototype with one round of revisions and basic QA testing.



Catered for SMEs and gaming studios, this package takes your prototype or concept to a fully realized gaming experience. This includes comprehensive QA Testing.



Designed for established businesses and game studios looking for a hands-off approach, this package offers complete development and marketing solutions.

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Ready? Let's Play. Let's Dream. Let's Create.

Join us in creating the future of gaming. Let’s revolutionize the gaming world together and redefine the boundaries of interactive entertainment. We look forward to learning more about your unique idea and bringing it to the next dimension.

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